Coffee is Key

We have great coffee here at our church! And you may be asking yourself, "Why does Brandon make a point to buy good coffee?" Well, first of all, no one likes a bad cup of coffee. Have you ever tasted Grandma's cup of coffee that's either pure ground, off-brand beans? IT'S HORRIBLE!! Or possibly you have to live with someone who has coffee that is lighter than most teas you drink? BLAH!!! When you have a great cup of coffee, it not only warms your body, but it also warms the soul. And here are 3 fantastic reasons that Quest Church makes sure that we always have a hot cup of Joe ready for you!

1.) It breaks any ice and makes someone feel comfortable.

There is something about holding a hot beverage in your hand. Sometimes it's the smell that can calm someone down or the actual drinking of it that makes you feel more comfortable. Walk into any coffee shop and there is an immediate sense of a chill atmosphere. So when people walk into our church for the first time, we hope they experience that relaxed atmosphere. One of our goals is help people feel and act like themselves while they are at church. The Bible is very clear to come as you are and allow the Holy Spirit to change our hearts and mind.

2.) It creates a watering hole for people to talk to each other

When Jesus had an important conversation with an adulterous woman, it was at a well. Peter was asked about being a disciple of Jesus, he was at a fire ring where people kept warm and socialized. Throughout all of history, people have gathered around items that bring benefits to our life. In 2019, the main gathering point in the American culture is coffee and coffee shops. When coffee is around, we are almost trained to speak with each other even if it is a simple "Hi." But when people gather it helps them feel more welcome and helps them start up a conversation that builds relationships with others.

3.) It allows people to find a place to serve and meet people

"Do you like people?" "Can you put 2 cups of ground beans in a paper basket?" "Then coffee ministry is perfect for you!" Our fuel station at Quest Church is one of the most fun and easiest places to serve. I mean, what other ministry are you literally giving sweet nectar of life to people? No one has ever been disgusted by receiving a free cup of good coffee. And like I've said before, it is your job to help people feel welcomed and appreciated. They are one of the first experiences people have when they come to our church so our coffee team is very important to us!

These are the reasons Quest Church always has, and will always have, a coffee bar giving away great coffee. For our visitors, we even give away a free coffee mug! We want every person who walks into our church to feel welcomed and to begin to tear down any defenses they may have up so that God can begin to work on their pre-softened heart. Quest Church is all about life change, and sometimes it starts with a simple cup of coffee!


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